I wish you were here....
by bondservant
(291 views) - 5/10/04
(recorded 5/10/04 @ 3:36:05 PM)
I'm sitting here at my laptop at my desk. I sit right beside an open window, looking out at a scrubby, green mountain. A light ocean breeze whispers through the window, past my arm and neck, and if I turn my head far enough back, I can see the broad band of sea. Today it's very blue. There is a little bit of haze, not enough to block the view, but just enough to blur the line between water and air, fading from one to the other indistinctly. This is the best kind of weather--cool breeze and warm sunshine. The sparrows seem to like it as much as I do, swooping and playing outside my window. Everything seems happy that it is spring. The grass looks spritely, the trees seem to enjoy the soft breeze, and the sun is content that it is a part of this lovely scene.

I wish you were here to share it with me.
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