The Museum in Winter at Sunset
by Ozymandias
(542 views) - 6/3/04
(recorded 6/3/04 @ 10:36:02 AM)
I wondered through the halls examining each scene, closely, and then moving onto the next. The rooms were bright with pale walls. My feet lightly tapped against the carpet as I walked past empty faces, each immersed in their own microcosms of empiricism. “I liked the post-impressionists better” I thought, beginning to move faster, hurrying past the sheep, and landscapes, looking for something more interesting. When I turned a corner, I stopped to see a massive painting dominating the wall.


A faint whisper from the sun as it sets
Leaks through the screaming branches
And illuminates the dying meadow.
As I stare into the orange abyss,
Framed by the off-white exterior,
I become immersed in the frozen woods.

The fierce contours of the
Lifeless forest,
Lying dormant,
Endlessly anticipating the spring,
Thrash silently in the icy brown air.

I can feel the clouds
Imperceptibly drifting
As a flock of birds fly in the distance,
And squawk silently,
Spellbound by their viewer.

I stand transfixed
By the empty, chaotic branches,
With life leaking through them,
Waiting to escape
Like the flock of birds behind them.
I wait for the sun to set,
And night to fall,
And for the trees to bloom,
And the birds to rest,
But nothing ever moves,
As I wait,
And cold.
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I enjoy that
you use this journal
to express
yourself, though most
use prose, you use poetry

There is something here
something about this
type of expression that
some fuller meaning than
prose ever could.

   [obscura (J) 6/3/04 5:49 PM]

why thank you. I am glad you enjoy my poetry, I quite enjoy writing it. Poetry I think has a much more powerful, and personal emotional tie to it than prose. While there is still in art in telling a story that I admire, I think that it is much easier to express yourself purely through a poem. You are not bound by grammar or plot development, it is just pure expresssion.

Thank you again for you compliments, they are very much appretiated.

   [Ozymandias (J) 6/12/04 5:48 AM]

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