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by disillusioned
(377 views) - 7/16/04
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So yesterday was somewhat interesting.

We had our meeting at the MVD. Now, we talked to a procurement official. If you don't know what procurement is, I suggest you look it up. Procurement is roughly the process that an organization goes through to purchase a good or service. There are all sorts of fun stipulations that limit who they purchase from, how services are bid on by vendors and blah blah blah.

Anyway, since our initial project had come in at $999, one dollar below the $1000 threshold, (wherein procurement processes are much different and cumbersome) the words "Class 3 Felony" came up. Apparently purposefully dodging certain levels of procurement is against the law. Not our problem, but the people upstairs there might get a thrashing.

The meeting started off dire and depressing, but our friendly procurement lady soon warmed to us and became somewhat determined to make things work for us.

What we're looking to do, and mind you, we have no false expectations that this will actually happen... in fact, we know the chances are rather slim... what we're looking to do is become a contractor for the MVD. Synapse Studios would provide manpower for x amount of hours monthly to provide PHP/MySQL support, but would also build new applications, troubleshoot other areas of IT, and a lot more.

Anyway, procurement lady told us if we got the funding approved, she'd make it something that wouldn't be contested. No other companies would bid, it would go straight to us.

The problem lies in the money part. We're asking for a great deal of money, mainly because we'd be working on a lot of highly creative problems, developing new solutions with custom built applications. Lots of high level work here. Meanwhile, that's the greatest hurdle to leap over. It's a *lot* of money.

Moving along, after the meeting, I tried to return my girlfriend's "Good writing is sexy" shirt, to find they had gone home 20 minutes before. And that the one guy still there apparently couldn't walk to the back to find a small. Bastards. That was a waste of my life.

After that, I went to see said girlfriend, all beautiful and such in her pink-with-jean-jacket get up. Very nice. Didn't stay long, because dinner was calling, and she had to pamper some neighbor's dog.

Later that night was volleyball, and then I went to play drums with the local band Sound Portrait for one of their practice sessions. They're looking for a new drummer and had gotten ahold of me, so I just played around with them for a few hours. Definitely a bit of fun, but I'm not sure I was 100% what they were looking for. Even still, I don't know if I'd accept an offer from them, although the idea is somewhat tempting. I enjoyed playing with Luke, Brent and Dave so much, and know them so much better... it almost wouldn't compare. But still, nothing's happening in that avenue, so I don't know... He wanted some very specific parts played on some songs, the way their old drummer did them, which is expected, but I didn't know most of the songs. Still, it was a good time, and we enjoyed yourselves. They've asked me to play with them again. I'm not sure if I'll accept or not...

So there you go. Mystery solved. Saturday we have to take photos for our client, we need to deliver a contract to another client, we need to draw up this proposal for the MVD and have what could be the biggest meeting of the year for me. I'm not getting my hopes up, and I'm not even disclosing how much money it would be, because it just lowers the reality of a chance with this situation. Still... I can't help but dream, right?
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Notes: it all makes sense. I was wondering why you knew so much about the band when you showed me their recording....well, maybe things will work out....that'd be cool.... the way....the youth were complaining about the drums being "gone" ;)

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