boring sentimental entry, dont read
by Sliced Ice
(618 views) - 8/6/04
(recorded 8/6/04 @ 12:01:52 AM)
cheers to personal growth. i know ive come such a long way in this last year than i probably have in my entire life.

a year ago i was still completely dependent on my parents, had virtually no self confidence or self worth, very little social skills, ignorant to my own faults and shortcomings, proud, unwilling to take help from anyone. i was such a fool..... and i still am, but ive improved more than i could have ever hoped for.

ive had a best friend and had them move
ive had a serious relationship (although unorthodox) and had it collapse
ive move out of my parents house and started living as an adult
ive put myself in situations where most people would fail and ive succeeded.
ive learned what its like to be a role model for kids
ive come to the realization that im human and i will fail, and that its okay.

my name is Evån, and im human.... but improving.
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i love evan!!1

   [eltigre (J) 8/27/04 7:10 PM]

ohh. so you are evan. evan buffington right?

woop woop
   [naked (J) 9/29/04 8:26 PM]

That would be me, although last names are generally a no no for blogging.

   [Sliced Ice (J) 9/29/04 11:54 PM]

sorry. but it would probably help if i knew what blogging was.

woop woop
   [naked (J) 9/30/04 7:29 PM]

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