im 15..already?
by depressional poet
(360 views) - 8/22/04
(recorded 8/22/04 @ 5:52:27 AM)
well today is my 15th birthday and all i can really think of is the future. its insane. like in one year today ill be driving and then 2 years from that....ill be graduated and off to college some place. (or ill be the lead singer of an awesome band.) who knows? but i am so excited for this next year...i cant wait for what life is going to bring me. but then on the other hand i wanna spend my time as immature for a little bit longer...its too fun to give that up. time to finsih getting ready for church
for now...
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Congrats and such. Have a happy birthday, and good job with that song this morning!

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 8/22/04 10:20 AM]

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