Title and Registration
by Lux
(847 views) - 9/17/04
(recorded 9/17/04 @ 1:29:30 PM)
What the hell is wrong with me...

I've been so happy this past month. I'm loving Duke. It is my home, my paradise, my Garden of Eden. It is here that I feast on the fruits of knowledge and chill with the fruits of hard work and good parenting. Yet, I'll see a figure, a face, and everything shatters. I'm left staring. I can't pull myself away from looking as long as I can. She walks by and she's gone. I don't know why. They don't look too much alike. It must have been the hair. That hair...

It reminds me of the past. Of standing below a threatening sky listening to the distant sound of marching band drums. Of driving out to mountain fronts. Of late night conversations and late night flights of fancy.

There is something about the lingering ephemerality that holds my eyes. Yet, in a flash, she's gone.
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