Registration Eve
by TCcookie
(432 views) - 10/31/04
(recorded 10/31/04 @ 6:42:33 PM)
Aubrey's Halloween party was fun. It was funny, she combined with her younger sister's Halloween party, and being there reminded me of my house (except it was a bit more quiet and ordered). It was fun to see everyone and hang out. Everyone who had them had nice costumes; Aubrey's was awesome.

Today was a quiet day, even for a Sunday. I could hardly wake up... I guess it was the drugs? All morning and through Church my mind was racing, and I couldn't concentrate on anything. It was kind of frustrating. I home-taught with Brother Rawlins, which is always nice. I was feeling better by then--mind racing less, and what-not, and the opportunity to home teach, especially with such a good companion, makes things go better.

Speaking of home teaching, I attended Elders' Quorum for the second time today. I went the first time before surgery, so I've been out of it for a while and it's like I'm new. It's really funny. There are hardly any Elders in our ward. In Quorum meetings, there are about eight guys, and it's like a student family ward. They are all just-married, tiny kid or two. It's funny. I feel so out of place, wherever I go. I can't wait to go on the mission, finally.

I slept through this afternoon of course. I woke up and finalized my class schedule; registration is tomorrow!!! I was looking at the course timetable and realized that I probably don't need to get up at 5a tomorrow (registration starts at 6a). That's a really good feeling, but I'm still freaked out from previous registrations so I'm going to anyway, of course.

I'm so excited for school! I'm getting a substantial portion of my IR major done this semester, but it's kind of annoying that I'll get back from my mission having forgotten it all. Oh well, small price to pay--I say.

Today I set some Chinese goals. I got all the vocabulary out of my grammar book written out, and it's almost all typed. I'm going to get that printed and then finish the exercises in Basic Chinese. I will familiarize myself with the grammar of Intermediate Chinese but not necessarily do all the exercises. I will focus on vocabulary for the next two months. I want to get through an entire movie and get through all the Book of Mormon selections in my missionary reading guide (no, I am not called to a Chinese-speaking mission; I found it online and printed it). I will take the credit test next semester and fully expect to pass off at least a year. My goal is to pass of two years (the max allowed by the Chinese department), but I don't care if I do all that this semester. I just want to know where I am, academically! I understand more on TV and movies than I think a high school Spanish II student does of a Spanish-language movie, but I'm afraid that may not mean much. We’ll see. Man, I love Chinese. Somebody, please let me know of anyone you know from the PRC who would 願意 tutor me. That would be heavenly.

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