Weekly (?) Update
by enlite
(379 views) - 11/14/04
(recorded 11/14/04 @ 1:15:22 AM)
It has been a while, hasn't it.

This week's word is "Poor".

The AIM Away Message phrase is "Not to be confused with... ".

And the dessert of choice is still "sticky cookies".

So what has changed?

I applied for a couple new jobs last Monday and got hired for two of them on Thursday. Thanks to the ASU JobSeach and an "impressive background in social psychology" I nabbed two of the fun ones.

JOB#1: I am a field researcher for O'Neil Associates at Sky Harbor airport. I spend 20 or so hours each week walking around PHX in the baggage claim or concourse asking people questions for "Satisfaction Surveys". The perks: a Blue level security badge at Sky Harbor, which gets me through security (with no wait, ever, for me or my family/friends) and into private "lounges" (where the pilots and stewardesses eat for free). Downer: job is quarterly and the quarter is almost up, which means a good 6 weeks of downtime coming soon.

JOB#2: I am an evaluator for AZ Secret-Shop. I go to apartment complexes under the guise of needed a new apartment and evaluate the salesmanship of the staff and the appearance of the complex. These evaluations ard scores are used to determine the employees end of the year bonus. Perk: Easy, many, $20 each. Downer: driving around Phoenix. But hey, it pays for the gas about 20 times over.

School is up and down this semester. First I'm bored, then I'm excited, then I'm anxious, then I'm bored again. And now I'm just stubborn. Past many assignments and papers have all been A's. Last seven exams have been A's. Which means my GPA will no longer be better than most but still embarassing. And the honors college won't bitch at me anymore. Shut up Honors Advisor, I know that I'm not good enough right now.

I feel helpless this week (month) because I have NO money except for my credit card (which has about $1100 on it so far). The cash and debit I have now I need for rent and bills. Until the paychecks from these two new jobs start coming in I will be poor. Please don't mock me with your Texas Roadhouse meals. I feel bad that Evan bought groceries again and I'm eating them. I am the slacker friend who mooches. At least, this week I am.

Jesus now I know how Phil must feel...

Speaking of, Phil is coming. My fuse is short, and I don't want to deal with stupid shit. But it's Phil, and stupid shit is inevitable. Expect at least one "I yelled at Phil and now he's dead locked out crying again" entry.

But until then, enjoy your Sunday.
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