The bells rang when she rode her bike
by enlite
(415 views) - 11/15/04
(recorded 11/15/04 @ 1:42:57 PM)
On Saturday night we (the usual three) did the "Wizard of Oz with the Dark Side of the Moon" thing. It worked really well for the first time through the CD (you have to loop the CD because it's only about half as long as the movie), but the second time it just didn't feel like it lined up. This is quite possibly because we had a good four-second delay (due to inability to get the stereo to loop the disk and slow reaction time to restart it when it stopped) and no one wanted to fix it (because at the time, pushing pause on the dvd, waiting four seconds, and then pushing play was too difficult and involving). HOWEVER, the other two people insisted that it was just as cool and it lined up just fine. Which makes me wonder...

**put on lab suit**

Why and how are perception skewed in a state of euphoria? For these two "participants" the four second difference between visual and audio was not noticeable or didn't steal from the effect (yes the lyrics are still in roughly the same place, but the musical hits are not). Was that because they expected there to be no delay, or because they weren't consciously aware of it.

How to test: Four groups (sober-aligned, sober-delayed, euphoric-aligned, euphoric-delayed) describe whether or not the CD and movie lined up and how effective it was. My thought is that it there will be high effectiveness in the aligned and euphoric groups, and the sober-delayed will complain of inconsistencies. Third and fourth variables would be whether or not they paid attention to the lyrics (hard than you think under the influence) and if they have a background in music.

Confound: We kept playing the CD (about eight times) and it seemed to line up just fine with PS2's Onimusha. Does that mean that we generalize the audible information we receive so much that we can manipulate our thinking to apply the lyrics to almost any situation? Or does a good beat just go a long way?

This is what I do.


The United States needs to figure it out and decriminalize cannabis so that I can start doing research with it. If it's true that THC is effective in removing hindrances (from a personality perspective) then there is a lot of cool shit we can find out.

Leave a comment, I'm curious. Especially if you have a good suggestion for what to watch next weekend.
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I somewhat resent the usual three .... I've been a part of that almost as much as anybody else. How dare you Tony... you and your.. . your candy and... and stickers....

   [Diffused (J) 11/15/04 10:21 PM]

Nah dude (pardon my lingo), Nate is over far too often and has tasted the inclusiveness that is pot pie. He's taken the next step into becoming The Apartment.

   [enlite (J:: M) 11/16/04 1:09 AM]

under said influences i found it quite an incredible journey to blair crystal method while eating raspberry sherbert and contimplating a color-visual of polar-magnetic disruptions on an atomic level. the sherbert seemed to pull on a part of my brain i've never been able to tap into again.

to repeat such an experiment you must:
1) be naked or in ur boxers or wutever (i generally did this when i was in bed)
2) be reallllly high (no 1/2 bakes, get ripped)
3) crystal method or another form of words....blarring through head phones.
4) raspberry sherbert. for me, this was the clincher. it seriously made the trip.

if you go where i went (in the vast caverns of ur phsyce that is), you will seriously have the most religious and mind boggling experience of your least i did.

weed. truly one thing i miss. o how i miss it.

*erra* *erra*
   [Blakesta (J) 11/17/04 9:10 PM]

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