audition results ...
by cozmogirl
(522 views) - 1/29/05
(recorded 1/29/05 @ 4:47:34 PM)
well, i think my audition kinda suked. id have to admit i did pretty good on the scales. but my second etude sorta blew. and since i cant sight read worth crap, i just totally bombed that. did i make it - prolly not. but theres still a slight chance i did though. because he did tell me i did a fabulous job on the scales. and my first and third etude was pretty good. but, like usual, i freaked at the fact of being in front of someone. and the fact that he was judging me - literally - wouldnt leave my mind. it did for a minute, but then it was back again. o well though. just means i have another year to conquer my greatest fear - a solo infront of an audience. ahh!!!

finally talked to my friend about whats been on my mind. she told me once again that shes always here for me. thank goodness. without her, id be a wreck. but im not the only one to blame. she was hiding stuff from me as well. so we had a little 'all out in the open' talk again. i loved it though. it just makes us stronger.

its raining again!!! i love it! my all time dream and fantasy - to be kissed by the one i love in the middle of the pouring rain. (sounds like a song, haha!)

17th birthday is in one month ... theres only one thing i can think of that i want ...
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i think you and every other girl wants to be kissed in the rain......

...we are but blind men...
   [Blakesta (J) 1/30/05 5:46 PM]

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