chocolate and carmel from europe - yum.
by cozmogirl
(460 views) - 2/2/05
(recorded 2/2/05 @ 8:37:12 PM)
"Carambar Carmel." - a carmel stick from france. tried one today. wow. candy from another country is always good. and this was delicious. ive also tried a chocolate carmel bar from england. i think its called a "Swirly Wirly" or something like that. wow again. i wish america made good sweets like that.

what a fabulous day today. for some reason i was just happy. (possibly because of the FABULOUS conversation i had last night. Ü) but i didnt let anyone get me down. i kept my head up and my attitude positive. days seem to always go better when i do.

kacee and i got into a good conversation today at lunch. making observations, stating our opinions, thinking up theories for why people are the way they are. it was good. when it came time to leave, i was a little bummed to be honest. i love getting into conversations like that. sometimes its a bad thing though. like when i have friends come over, we accidentally stay outside for an extra 2 hours talking about things when theyre supposed to be leaving. i dont know how to explain it though. you just get so into it that you want to keep going. i remember once at my grandma's house in idaho, my uncle and sister and i stayed up until like 4 in the morning just talking. i swear we covered every topic possible. i guess maybe i love to hear the way other people think. and why they feel the way they feel. the human mind just facinates me.

iceskating friday night. im stoked. its going to be a blast. first things first though - learn how to iceskate. the professionals make it look easy, so how hard could it be? :S
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   [enlite (J:: M) 2/2/05 9:21 PM]

true, foreign chocolate ++

domestic chocolate is too loaded w/ wax and perservatives.

...we are but blind men...
   [Blakesta (J) 2/2/05 11:34 PM]

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