thats a friday for ya!
by cozmogirl
(525 views) - 2/4/05
(recorded 2/4/05 @ 5:06:47 PM)
well, no more ice skating. its off to pizza and a movie. that sounds more funner to me anyways.

had a pep assembly today. watched a whole bunch of old ladies pull some moves and do the can - can. *shudder*

call? or not to call? that *is* the question. but he has a gf, so i think "dont call." but my heart says "call." ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
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no way, the Sun City Dancers were the shit!

woop woop
   [naked (J) 2/4/05 6:42 PM]

haha! dont get me wrong, i do think they pulled some really cool moves for their age. definitely wasnt expecting it. but lets just say i think they coulda used more leg coverage. ahhh!!! haha!

got sand?
   [cozmogirl (J) 2/5/05 7:25 PM]

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