everything is always predictable now
by cozmogirl
(548 views) - 2/5/05
(recorded 2/5/05 @ 11:49:22 PM)
i finally slept in this morning without a 5 o'clock jump start. im so used to waking up that early during the week that i just naturally wake up at that time on weekends too. it sux. then my mom came in at 8 and started talking to me. so couldnt really sleep after that.

i did a whole lot of house work today. so i decided to treat myself to a jamba juice. Ü on my way out i ran into christine and matt. that was interesting. as predicted, they sat there and cuddled and flirted and kissed. not surprised. i think matt still flatters himself by thinking i still like him. ha! yea right. i stopped liking him a long time ago. hes the one that started crawling back to me when we were in san fransisco. im so happy nothing happened with him. looking back now, i wouldve shot myself if anything did.

called the mysterious him to see if we were going to hang out tonight. figured id find out so i could see whether i would be able to chill with cody tonight or not. well, he didnt answer. left him a message and said to call me back so i knew. never did. whatever. not surprised. so cody and dj came over. we played boggle and watched signs. o my goodness. these two boys made me laugh so much. especially dj. his facial expressions are just a hoot. but one thing i noticed about him is that hes got some facial features the same as the one i called in the first place tonight. that caught me off-gaurd.

cody gave me a hug when he left. Ü i didnt expect it, so i was a little excited about that. found out hes going on a mission though. he leaves in march. he asked me to go to his farewell talk next sunday. im definitely game.

ordered a new phone today. if i remember right, its a camera phone. so excited. i hate how the stupid circuit is broken in my phone so i cant see anything on the screen. when someone calls, i have no idea who it is. haha. and ive gotten 2 texts since it went blank. no clue who it is, no clue what it says. and ill never know. gr. thats what agrivates me.

well, lets see if he calls me back tomorrow.
heres my prediction: nope!
dont mean to be a bitch about it, but its to the point its predictable.
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