Here I go.
by bondservant
(635 views) - 2/6/05
(recorded 2/6/05 @ 9:45:11 PM)
I was editing my profile and I started describing myself when I realized that what I was saying needed to be an entry. It isn't much, but it is important to me.

I'm tired of sitting and wishing that I could be something else, something bigger. I've done that for too long. Right now I'm learning to step into what God has for me. I'm learning to trust that God will take me where I need to be--and that is the best place for me. To be honest, it is difficult, and I'm not sure that I'm doing that well. I guess that is part of learning, though.

Here I go.
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I always feel bad when I write two entries in one day. I'm not sure why, but I do.

So, I apologize.

::at your service::
   [bondservant (J) 2/6/05 9:45 PM]

no need to apologize. I know I enjoy reading them.


Seize the Fish!
   [hamlet (J) 2/7/05 10:27 AM]

don't let it happen again or you'll be punished.

...we are but blind men...
   [Blakesta (J) 2/9/05 12:18 AM]

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