picture perfect
by cozmogirl
(468 views) - 2/9/05
(recorded 2/9/05 @ 9:17:47 PM)
a busy day today. sort of ran all over.

in cozmo i gave a maniquine a haircut. it turned out really good if i do say so myself. i styled it afterwards, and it looked fabulous. my teacher even said shed let a customer walk away with it. woo-hoo!!! i really cant wait to be really good at this kind of stuff. the process of getting there is what drives me insane.

got my new phone today. i love being able to take pictures. it makes it soooo much more exciting. the ring tones kinda suk though. theyre all classical songs. only like 2 fun ones. maybe my dad will let me download some songs if i offer to pay ... :S

said hi to him at skool today. kind of a last minute thing. i was walking right past him, so i tapped him on the shoulder and waved. didnt even bother to see if he said hi back. he kinda gave me a weird look when i tapped him .... so i figured id keep my eyes forward and not look back. haha! pathetic, but i dont care. he was with all his friends, and i feel akward around his friends. they look at me funny .....

the date is tomorrow night!!! im startin to get a little nervous. i hate dates sometimes. the only time their good is when its with someone you like and you know they like you too. but we'll just have to see where this goes!!
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