everyday should make you appreciate life.
by naked
(568 views) - 2/13/05
(recorded 2/13/05 @ 9:30:19 PM)
i was kissed by him tonight. many times. the perfect kind of kisses. the ones that are soft and sweet. not too much, but just enough.
its been a while since i have been kissed like that. ive missed it.

i had a good day today. i went to church, where i actually payed attention and got something out of the service. the drama was amazing. my old friend katy sang and her voice is just incredible.
my mom wasn't feeling well so it was just me and my dad. after the service a man came up to my father and i. he was scruffy and he looked like he would be a biker or something. he asked me how old i was, then said he thought it looked like me and my father had a really good relationship. he wanted to know how we maintained it. he was very nice, but the question caught us both off guard. my dad ended up saying that it was our communication and being honest w/ each other. the man said he had a 15 year old daughter and it wasn't going well at all. he started to tear when he told us that. and naturally, me and my dad started to tear also. i told him that i was terrible at that age and she will most likely grow out of it. but we said we would definitely pray for them.
i was touched that he had the courage to come ask us and share w/ us. he was such a nice man and i really hope things turn out well. part of me wants to meet his daughter and just let her know that she is hurting her daddy and that he really cares about their relationship. please pray for Jean and his daughter.
so after church i went out to lunch w/ the jacksons where we talked alot about england. they have all been there before, so they were telling me some good places i should go see. like the london dungon and the wax museum. im starting to get very excited about the trip.

i came home and played Kingdom Hearts on my Ps2. so far its not very good. but we'll see.

then i went to see my favorite person.
i had lied to him yesterday and he was really upset w/ me. i felt awful for lying. even though i didn't really do it on purpose, i still shouldn't have done it. so since i lied to him, he snapped me w/ a rubber band 20 times on my back, arms and stomach. it hurt like hell, but he made a cool design so that made it worth it, i guess.
he was very funny and sweet. i defintely enjoy his company when he is like that.

tomorrow is valentines day. as of right now i have 2 valentines. but one is for sure going to bail. JULIE is my date tomorrow for YL. i hope its a fun one. i think renee might even come w/ me!

im hoping for a really great week.
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