by bondservant
(531 views) - 2/15/05
(recorded 2/15/05 @ 1:40:22 AM)
I'm sad that I was't able to be with you yesterday. Valentine's day just isn't the same without someone to love on, ya know? Had I been with you, do you know what I would have done? I would have given you a dozen roses, but then taken one out and clenched it in my teeth, turned on some weird house techno, slowly (and sexily) taken off my clothes and told you to come and get your rose....

Okay, so probably not, but it would have been funny....

Since I couldn't strip for you with a rose in my teeth, I guess this will have to do--I love you and I miss you.

Can't wait to see you again.
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*blink, blink*

I miss you, goofball. Have a good trip in Ireland. I love you.

Bring it on
   [Esperando (J:: M) 2/15/05 9:06 AM]

sick matt.
remember that your sister reads your journal too!


woop woop
   [naked (J) 2/15/05 12:11 PM]

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