Calvin Klein
by LunarBlue
(608 views) - 3/5/05
(recorded 3/5/05 @ 10:23:53 PM)
I'm two hours ahead of my writing. I wonder what will happen while it catches up to a world I am not in. It's that oddity of wearing a bruised finger on your hand and hiding that ring inside your head.

The thing everyone doesn't notice is the power of silence. It is a morbid curiousity that I sit here contemplating dreams. You remember those? Does anyone remember dreams?

I stopped dreaming one night when the sun finally arose and I was there alone. It wasn't that I hadn't been alone that entire time, that until that moment in my life I hadn't talked to myself and thought aloud to myself and asked myself the hardest questions; it's just that, when the sun came up that morning, it was the last night I felt happiness.

That night I saw what living was and saw the alternative. not directly connecting with life nor death, not being in the presence of or near them; but rather I saw my reflection in the mirror. I was trapped inside my clothes. They said, Calvin Klein along my shoulder and my forehead said
I proceeded to break my fingers, starting with the pointer one. Now what? I just know that the luster of dreams is gone, that my left hand won't close properly and that, despite what i might do, I don't have what it takes in me to know the truth.
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