lets step it up a knotch.
by naked
(602 views) - 3/29/05
(recorded 3/29/05 @ 9:39:16 PM)
i got my cap and gown today. along w/ my anouncements (sp) and thank you notes. that has made it start feeling a little bit more real. i also finally took my sr pictures today. instead of going w/ REG, who makes everyones pictures from gilbert hi school look exactly the same, i went w/ a guy who took my modeling head shots when i was little. it was pretty fun, but its hard to stay totally comfortable.

i have yet to start my project for sociology. but renee and i actually decided on a topic. we are gonna go w/ teens and how common plastic surgery is among them. i don't think it will be a huge struggle getting things together for that, so im not too worried.

easter weekend was good. very relaxing.
on saturday my parents and i went to tempe, rented some cruisers and rode all around by tempe town lake and mill. i seriously haven't had that much fun in years. i recommend it to anyone. even as a date idea or something.

other than that, my life is not very exciting.
i don't know if i talked about my trip yet, but basically i had a good time.

at this point in my life, im just waiting for the next stage to come along.
i want to get graduation out of the way, finish registering for scc and start moving on. right now is just down time.

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