It should have been part of a movie.
by bondservant
(675 views) - 4/6/05
(recorded 4/6/05 @ 10:00:57 AM)
I went for a walk today with my friend Laura. It was the kind of walk that should be in a movie, for lots of reasons. Probably the most obvious one is that Laura looks exactly like Kirsten Dunst (I'm not kidding either). There's also the setting. We took the tube to Westminster and walked past Westminster Abbey, past Parliament, across the Thames toward the Saatchi Gallery and the London Eye, and then we strolled along the bank of the Thames. There were street performers and people bustling about. Some of them were the normal tourists, but a lot of them were Londoners who know where to go for a nice stroll. And of course there's the conversation. Sometimes in life you have an epic conversation with someone, and it is always by accident. This was one of those. We started walking and we got to talking about our lives. It was the funny kind of conversation where you don't really talk about any specifics, but you know what is being said--everything is very general and philosophical. We talked about the big stuff, like friendship, love and God. It was good. It was very good.

Just picture us: I'm walking next to Kirsten Dunst (well, her identical twin) who is wearing a crazy purple, magenta and green striped shirt, a brown skirt, dark stockings, purple alligator pumps and a tan overcoat, while I'm wearing my dark jeans, a maroon shirt and my black peacoat. We are walking in early springtime under a blue sky with low, fluffy clouds moving quickly across the sky. We hurry across the street and I notice a food stand. I grab a sketchy cheeseburger and we start talking. As we are crossing the Thames, she mentions something about Kierkegaardian faith. She gets impassioned and expresses a little frustration. At the same time we both notice how beautiful the day is. There is a slight break in conversation. We stop and look at the brown waters of the Thames flowing by us. We keep walking and chatting, this time about our love. This is an interesting subject for both of us, but some sort of understanding passes between us. I finish the cheeseburger and throw my napkin in the nearest litter bin. We find a little garden with some benches just over to the right. We sit down under a leafless tree, stare off into space and continue our conversation about faith. And we agree with each other and it feels good to have someone to share it with. The whole time we're walking, the camera has been following us catching each word we say. There are the artsy shots from above and behind us, through the trees overhead. There are the closeups of each of us, capturing our expressions and laughter. There are the shots from either side where we seem to be just part of the rest of the crowd. And there is one line in there somewhere, one line that makes the whole movie make sense and the audience unknowingly breathes a sigh of relief because now they understand what it was all about. Of course we keep on talking after the scene is over, keep on walking and chatting.

It should have been part of a movie. It was a wonderful afternoon.
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