My little buddy the arachnid
by Sympathy4Jane
(614 views) - 4/14/05
(recorded 4/14/05 @ 11:06:29 PM)
I have to say I'm becoming completely infatuated with spiders. They're very intimidating and I think thats what makes them so intriguing. The thought of touching a spider or one touching me is absolutely repulsive, but why is that? They're a considerable amount smaller, most of them can't do any calculable harm, they don't make noises, they don't drunk dial at 4 am, and they definately don't eat your pizza hut left-overs. Yet I'd start screaming like I was on fire if one touched me. They're like little gods or something. Fuck if I was a spider I'd take over the world, and as if that weren't enough they are also able to wield sticky goo from their insides into the most captivating geometric configurations I've ever seen, just to eat. I eat off chinet paper plates. Damn I wish I was a spider. Next time you're raising a shoe to show the insect world who's boss reconsider it. Try and scoop him up and put him outside. He's just here to live too.

Anyways, Here's us looking K-Rad in Canada.

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That's why spiders are intimidating, because if people were spiders, they'd take over the world.

Thank god only spiders are spiders.

   [enlite (J:: M) 4/14/05 11:44 PM]

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