Rough week and Three Things
by enlite
(493 views) - 4/29/05
(recorded 4/29/05 @ 12:15:34 PM)
It was a long weekend and a rough week.

If you aren't "in the know", Evan and I moved out of our apartment last weekend and back to our parent's houses until we leave for Concord or Church camp, respectively. As my parent's house is far away from ASU, I've been crashing at Jamhouse (or what I like to call "The Linen Closet", as there tends to be an enormous amount of wet blankets therein). Humu-humu to Nate for returning the hospitality.

Evan is back home with his family and, though he probably won't write about it (unless on Dead Journal) he's not thrilled. Already he and his sister got into a fight where she kicked him in the shin and he poured soda all over her. I came over right as she was getting into the shower. My family is dysfunctional, but everyone here is too old to be stupid about it. We just keep our mouths shut.

It's been hard to go to class this week: it's the last week before finals and really, the way I study, going to class doesn't help very much. Or maybe I'm just convinced of this because I don't want to go, and I'll bomb all my finals. Let's not think about it too much either way.

Chris got the new episode of Family Guy from Bob and that's great. But my wisdom tooth on the lower left side (white power) is cutting through more gums and it hurts like a badger with hemorroids. I'm mostly eating on one side of my mouth now, and the other side gets jealous, but that's what it gets for hurting all the time. Note: SunChips are hard to only eat on one side of your mouth. Those tasty be-jesus little chip portions sneak around and bury.

I really want to make a hammock, but I know I should be spending my time on work and school. I'm making a warmup "book" for the Mesquite kids and I want to have their show finished before I leave so they have something to do at band camp. Kat will be teaching them over the summer and I'm thinking that if she and I stopped being jackasses to eachother we could actually be a really good team. She focuses solely on technique, and I'm more concerned with how it sounds. Make it sound good first, then fix the technique. My reasoning for that approach is that no judge is going to pay attention to a group that sounds like shit. And hey, we just won the SPR award and I'm allowed (for one more week) to be boastful about it.

I haven't done three things I hate this week, so let me do a quickie of the opposite kind. These are the three things I enjoy this week:

Number 1: Jeremy. Oh god, not again. We've been talking several times a day and we see eachother nearly every night. I really like him but he's moving to California (I talked him into moving back home next spring) and I don't want to say or do anything to scare him away. You know, like tell him I like him and ask if he wants to make-out. Somehow that doesn't roll well with all-the-way straight guys, and I'm not sure what he is yet.

Number 2: Neighbors with guns. The guy who moved in next door to us (who took Andrea's place, that crazy psycho bitch) is mundo-awesome and talks to me everytime I see him. On my way to my car carrying a couple boxes we stopped and chatted for about five minutes, talking about why Evan and I were moving and how much I hated Bay Club. He was very familiar with Zach and Nate when I mentioned we'd be getting a house in Chandler with them eventually. Oh, and he had a glock tucked into the crotch of his pants the whole time. Hah. I love Mesa.

Number 3: Childish sexual fantasies. Wow, if you haven't closed the window yet I'm proud. Being back at my parents house I'm reminded of a lot of the things that happened when I was younger and some of my first sexual experiences took place here (still haven't clicked on something else?). It's a fun nostalgia, that's all I'm gonna say.
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