I killed it in the middle of the road.
by naked
(555 views) - 4/29/05
(recorded 4/29/05 @ 11:36:44 PM)
Lately i have been really disiplined. I think i grew up a smigdin in the past few weeks. I'm trying not to be so lazy. I come home from work and actually do all of my chores. I don't even hate doing them. I also started going to the gym and working out. And, im counting my calories. I am feeling very good about myself.

My parents work out at the rec center and its pretty cheap, so thats where i have been going lately. On wed, my mother and i went to a pilates class, then immediatly following we went to a cardio circuit training class. I have never worked so hard in my life, but it was alot of fun. So its two days later and im still so unbelievably sore. yesterday i could hardly walk. so i layed around all day after i got home from work.
I was the ony one home, then my dad came home from work. He came in and asked me to help him unload some stuff from his car. It took me forever to stand up b/c my body hurt so bad, but i got up and was walking out the front door w/ him. i wasn't paying attention, then, for a second, i noticed a dark colored car that was parked in a weird direction on our driveway, then i noticed the VW symbol on the wheels. I totally freaked!!! my dad had got me the jetta and two days early. it was awesome. when i firts saw it, my heart sort of stopped and i couldn't breath. oh that feeling was awesome. it seriously looks brand new. i love it. its my baby, now i just have to think of a good name for her.

my dad took me to a parking lot off of baseline and higley. he showed me how to drive a five speed. basically we were out there for probably over an hour and i got pretty frustrated a few times. i even cried. i really couldn't figure out why things were the way they were. but i finally sorta got the hang of it. i drove home and did fine. then i went from my house to auto zone, then from auto zone to the rec center and i killed it probably 5 times. ha, i was too stressed out to restart the car, so my dad did it every time. i just sat there w/ one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the stick thing.
the worst time i stalled so far was coming from auto zone to the rec center. i was in the left turn lane, in the middle of the road and the light turned yellow. so when i was supposed to go, i stalled. then the light turned red and then traffic started going and i was TOTALLY in the middle of the road. haha. i was like apologizing to the drivers. hah.

of course, lindi (my forever best friend) had to see it first. and she is my only friend who can drive stick so i needed her to help me. i drove to her house all by myself. and i didn't stall once. we drove around a little and now she wants a jetta more than she did before. haha.
its a really nice car to drive and im sort of getting the hang of it. i went and drove it around a little bit today. oh b/c of me, my cousins husband almost ran his truck into me. hah.

so i absolutely love my car. anyone who has any ideas for a name, let me know.

so my cousin, kim and her hubby, justin are staying with us for the night. they are going down to mexico for a week tomorrow. kims parents were supposed to come to, but they realized this morning that b/c of rain from a storm, there ceiling caved in. so now they aren't going. its so sad.

so anyway, i just wanted to brag about my new car.

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Driving stick is always an interesting experience.
When I first started, it was in my dad's truck, which had a really long-throw clutch. I didn't really understand the concept, and so I stalled out SEVERAL times. When I had to relearn on my current car, I only stalled a few times and got the hang of it pretty quickly.

It's much easier if you think of it in terms of the need to get power to the wheels. Starting off is the hardest, and I found early on that revving to like... 2000 rpm was a good idea, and slowly feathering off the clutch. When you release the clutch slowly, it grabs and starts delivering power to the wheels from the drivetrain.

As it does this, the engine will rev lower, assuming you don't apply more pressure. This is because it now has the resistance of your car's weight. So you repsond by applying more pressure to the gas pedal while continuing to—at the same rate, importantly—release the clutch. Once the clutch is out and you're rolling along, I found it to be really easy, and now I even downshift instead of breaking.

In fact, the next car I buy is definitely going to be a manual, just because I like the control it gives. Still, it's an interesting experience to jump into a different car, with a different clutch, and try to drive it. I tend to rev a bit high at first before finally figuring out where it catches and how long a throw the clutch has—that is, how much during the depression of the pedal, there's a difference of power. On some cars, it's really almost all or almost nothing. On others, there's a huge variance as you release the clutch.

Fun stuff. I can't believe I just talked about a manual transmission for that long.

Enjoy your Jetta. Name her Skye, or something.

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 4/30/05 4:47 AM]

Congrats! That's awesome.

(You might want to be careful about the speakers in this one though) hehe :)

Bring it on
   [Esperando (J:: M) 4/30/05 11:17 AM]

skye is a PERFECT name. i love it.

woop woop
   [naked (J) 4/30/05 1:32 PM]

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