A coil through my [everything]
by enlite
(472 views) - 5/1/05
(recorded 5/1/05 @ 12:53:06 AM)
It's fascinating: the contrast between metal and flesh.

The one, hard and shiney, cold,
Versus the soft, dull shaded warmth...
The interactions between which
keep my attention for ungodly times,
the art of it, really, too beautiful.

I found it oddly disturbing that pain
is a feature found when beauty is created,
but reassuring to conclude that
all pain is beautiful.

Whether a metal spear through a fleshy lobe,
a can leaving tracks across a knuckled finger,
or hell, even Paul twisting a bottlecap through his arm,
it's morbidly attractive.
The torn rings on his muscle,
I wish I had watched him do it.

Is there anyone else who feels mildly put off
that the destruction of something we value
is made beautiful when done so in torturous ways?

I coiled a paperclip through my hand
because it was life and death,
a mix of wavering and stability,
weakness and strength.
The scar(r)ed-white, the glint metal,
and the conjoining red...

Why is it compelling?

They would lock me away......
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Although I was sitting next to you, I would have known across the room or in a different building that you were attracted. It was one of those scenes, everyone was, but you certainly weren't staring at the girl, and you only saw him for the sharp glints of metal.

I could stare at you, staring at him, and get more out of that scene than the majority of the audience.

   [surrogate sonance (J) 5/1/05 1:05 AM]

I miss you.

   [enlite (J:: M) 5/1/05 1:12 AM]

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