yeah thats me.
by naked
(659 views) - 5/8/05
(recorded 5/8/05 @ 1:48:05 AM)
NameMelissa Leigh Mitchell
Eye colorHazel
Hair colorAs of right now, light brown
BirthdayMay 20th
BirthplaceMontrose, Co
current locationGilbert
Shoe size7 1/2
Right/Left handedright
Best FriendRenee Ybarra
Are you SingleYes
Do you find yourself Sexy??on a very rare occasion
What do you do on your free time??write or watch tv
What school do you go to??Gilbert
Your Fears!satan, drowning or being stabbed and of course, a broken heart
Do you play sports??do you consider cheer a sport?
If so which ones??if yes, then Cheer
Do you drinkon occasion
If so do you like big parties or kick backs??either
Do you smokenah
How many times a day do you shower??once, if that. hah.
Have you or are you currently in love??one day, long long ago
Do you swearactually alot
Do you singALL THE TIME
Do you listen to country music??ehh, sometimes
Do you believe in yourself??of course, thats how i get through life
Do you get along w/ your parents??only b/c i have to to survive
Do you plan to go to college??yes
If so what collegeSCC, then off to NAU
(prefer) Milk/Apple Juiceapple juice
How would you like to die??either in my sleep or falling from a very tall building
Where in the world would you like to visit??Austria or Egypt
What do you want to be when you grow up??a happy ME
Have you ever shopliftednever, my name isn't kelly. hah jk. but no, really.
Number of Piercings??5
Number of Tattoos??0
Things you Regret in your younger lifemeeting brian
Ice Creamdolce de lecce (sp)
Kind of musicany
Songif you'll be my body guard by: Paul Simon
PersonRenee or Lindi
Country singerJamie Oneal
BandMaroon 5
ActorJohnny Depp or billy crystal
TV showOne tree hill
Moviespider man 1 and 2
Day of the yearmy bday
Holidaychristmas, DUH
Pair of shoes???
Kind of cookiechocolate chip
StateCO or CT
RestaurantMElting Pot
Brand of clothing"
Colorteal or yellow
Football teambroncos
Cerealfruity pebbles
Dinosaurnone, they all terrify me
Flowerorchid i guess
StarBuck's Drinki hate coffee, so maybe the strawberries and cream frapucion
Sexumm... male
Eye colorgreen
Hair colorany
Hair Lengthany
Heighttaller than me
Weight150-180, if muscular
Clothing Styleany
Would you like your Match to be Famous??if it fit
Personalityfunny, serious, spontaneous and loving oh yeah and LOYAL
Most Romantic Get Awayanywhere but home

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