just an update
by cozmogirl
(498 views) - 5/10/05
(recorded 5/10/05 @ 11:56:56 PM)
its been a while since ive written. im actually not supposed to cuz my dad doesnt like it. but i havent written in any journal for quite some time, and i feel like i have a few thoughts i need to write down.

well cozmo is almost out for the year. we start back up on the 31st for the summer session. ill be out on the clinic floor with actual clients. holy crap im scared. i just dont feel like i know all of it well enough. but i guess its gonna kinda be like most class finals. we work it up to be some overly-hard, not-gonna-make-it thing, but once it hits us, it ends up being way easier than we thought. that we know more than we realized. i hope this is like that.

well, i counted, and i have like 5 guys in the picture. and 3 i could easily have if i wanted. one thats in the picture is stephen. he always sort of has been though, i just havent really given him the time of day - relationship wise. but lately theres something about him. to be honest, out of all the boys, i think he has the lead right now. haha! which is funny, cuz 3 years ago i wouldve laughed in your face if you woulda told me thats how it was gonna be. but lifes crazy and it does crazy things to ya.

kacee and i are getting to be closer friends every day and i love it. im so happy we've stayed friends all these years. she means the world to me and i just want to give a shout out to her and tell her i love her!!

hung out wth nick today. we were talkin about quotes. i mentioned the one "everyone deserves a second chance." in which he replies under his breath "how can you get a second if you havent even gotten a first?" i didnt know how to respond to that so i said the first thing that came to my mind - "dont give a first chance unless your willing to give a second." he sat for a moment, then decided he liked my response. heh heh. got myself outta that one! haha!

"love is a feeling, you feel when you feel, you're feeling a feeling you feel you have never felt before." - shantay
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