and I thought I was nosy.
by amnesiac
(875 views) - 6/8/05
(recorded 6/8/05 @ 8:14:02 PM)
Monday through Friday, nearly 8 to 5, you’ll find me sitting in my uncomfortable office chair - uncomfortable because leaning back in it requires the use of both legs pushing off on the ground and putting the rest of my weight on the back of the chair. It’s something like leaning back to make a really old la-z-boy recline. There will be four phones that never ring, including the infamous Batman phone. You might see me playing sudoku or reading a book. You’ll find everyone else in the main building (cubicle-land), watching me.

The door to cubicle-land opens and closes. Giggles follow and the door is opened again.
A man smiles while he looks at me and says, “Do you know you’re on camera?”
I think about it, look back at him and say, "Um... yeah, there are two in here.”
“Well, we’re all watching you.”

And that ends the days of my chair-spinning. Here I thought only one person had access to video of the lobby. Since I now know better, I sit around thinking about people watching me all day. When I check my personal email I try to block the computer from the camera behind me. While surfing the net, I try to avoid big headlines with words like "Marijuana" or "Orgasm." It's tough when today's news included both of those very things. If a cute delivery guy comes in, I try not to flirt too obviously. All I need are stories to get back to my dad (who is employed by the same company). When I eat up front, I try to eat quickly because I don’t want any scavengers coming to claim my food. Some people are always hungry. Those people ate all my birthday cookies.
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