relieving my brain a tad
by cozmogirl
(655 views) - 7/15/05
(recorded 7/15/05 @ 1:57:45 PM)
wow. it sure has been a while since ive written in here. but i need to get a few things off my mind, and i dont know where else to write them.

life has changed dramatically lately. im almost an adult. almost out of high school. almost out of beauty school. almost ready to start a real life in the real world. crazy.

but theres one thing thats really getting to me. marriage. ive been close friends with this guy for a year now. and all year hes been trying so hard to get me to go out with him. well, recently ive given up my stubborness and gone for it. we're together now, and i guess better than ever. but everyone around me is puttin such an emphasis on marriage. they say we're so in love. that we're gonna get married. that we're gonna have the cutest kids. when we're together we're so happy and in love. the boy and i have even talked about it. we see ourselves having a future together. getting married and having kids. but i feel as if everyone wants me to promise we'll get married. for hell sakes, we've only had a label for a week. but i do love him. and i can see myself marrying him. but i dont want to think about marriage right now. i want to live life and have fun. sure marriage should be an issue, but i dont want it to be the only issue. and theres so many other things taking place that are running through my mind. maybe im freaking. i dont know. i guess time is all i have to give it.
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Whoa, major, major red flags abound here...

It's my opinion that there's never a valid reason for long-term chatter anything inside of two months of a new relationship at the VERY least. I don't care how "in love" you are, how "perfect" they make you feel or how much you "could" see a future with them.

Those are ALWAYS the feelings you get when you're at the beginning of a new relationship with someone you click well with. Just because you get all butterflysy and happy and goosebumps does NOT mean you're ready to commit, nor should you be expected to, nor should you even be ASKED to by ANYone, let alone friends of your who seem to think they know what's best. Bah.

I've said all these things before here, and I think you should read that, however long it may be, simply because it's a bit of an objective opinion; something that may be nice to hear from considering what you've been barraged with thus far.

Feel free to leave a note here or there, but I can say with near certainty if you dare commit one week into things, it'll be all for naught. Let time do its trickery and figure things out along the way and just enjoy yourself. No one in high school and most in college need not be concerned, so early in a relationship, with these long-term details. It's not worth the ulcer.

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 7/15/05 4:43 PM]

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