People are more truthful in the dark
by Wildfire
(596 views) - 8/10/05
(recorded 8/10/05 @ 4:30:37 PM)
In the darkness I can only see the the soft outline of your profile. My brain tells me that it's only the moonlight but I know better. It's really your spirit bursting at the widening chasms in the walls surrounding your heart.

I can see you falter, I watch the lightning in your eyes crackle as a storm rages beneath the surface.

The air between us feels like silk, drawing me closer still.

You are silent. Your soft lips remain still. Carefully and deliberately, you allow the cool oxygen to slide down your throat and quench your heart's thirst.

Have you any idea how much I love you?

As we lie in the darkness, your fingers find mine and that's all the truth I could ever ask for. In that single grasp I can feel hope. Reassurance. Love. Faith. Determination.

Without saying a word, you manage to tell me everything. I can feel your worries, your doubt, sadness, and confusion course through my veins. They don't matter. It will all filter through my heart in due time. I'll take the bad with the good.

I know you're scared. I'm scared too. I'm scared at the lengths I will go to make things work, but that's not going to stop me from doing it.

Those eyes of yours, they sparkle with an intensity stronger than a sunset that stains the entire ocean red. You can speak to me without words or gestures.
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