by Wildfire
(555 views) - 8/18/05
(recorded 8/18/05 @ 3:38:43 PM)
Families are big and little things. They take care of you as a baby and they raise you, they teach you right from wrong and they love you. They teach you morals, they provide the foundation of your world, which you'll soon grow into and add to by yourself, without their help and guidance.

Families are made of the tiny day to day things that lift you up, that weigh you down. The frustration of missing out on a party because you have to stay home to watch a younger sibling.

Families are the clutter in a warm home. They're the dog-eared coloring book pages stacked on top of the fridge. They're the old Christmas ornaments that are hideously aged and beaten but that no one can bear to throw out. Families are the smudges of jelly on the refrigerator handle. They're the sticky spots of soda on the tile floor. They're the dog hair that embeds itself into your clothes. They're the chaos on a Monday morning when Dad's trying to get ready and Mom's trying to get ready and the kids are arguing over who gets to spend more time in the bathroom. It's the dog tipping over the food bag because no one's gotten to him yet. It's the pile of mail on the front table that grows larger by the day. It's sitting, just the four of you, around a fire in the backyard in February.

Families mourn bad grades with their children. They cry with their daughter when she's hurt by friends or lovers. They hug their son roughly when he first gets his heart broken. They bury their pets in the backyard together.

Families are supposed to let tears of joy bounce off eyelashes at reunions. They're supposed to greet each other with shouts of happiness and rib-crushing hugs. They're supposed to celebrate the successes of all its children, be they daughters or sons or nieces or nephews or grandsons or granddaughters.

But mostly? Families are supposed to be forever.

At least that was the impression I was under.

Unfortunately for the world, not all families are like they should be.
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Families are also arguing, fighting, cold-shoulders, haughty looks, jeers, glares, and profanities...But it's also deep roots, so these things, even if they occur, don't deracinate what has been built. :)

   [PromisesToMyself (J) 8/22/05 1:49 PM]

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