Confession by post...
by disillusioned
(421 views) - 10/6/05
(recorded 10/6/05 @ 4:34:55 AM)
Today's (or rather, yesterday's) message of the day was a link to PostSecret. It's a web site I found that intrigued me—an artistic way to confess your deepest, darkest secrets to any of the world who's interested... It made me wonder what I have to confess.

It made me wonder if I have any secrets.

The truth is that I don't think that I do. About myself, I really doubt I do. About others, there are certain things I would never disclose to others and things I know about some people that would never escape my lips, and really, have no business even being thought about that often.

But what would I send on a pieced-together postcard, magazine letters cut out like a ransom note, because of how bad my handwriting really is? Perhaps there are just a few things, but those, perhaps some of you already know...

I've never been very good at keeping my own secrets, anyway.
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