by LunarBlue
(640 views) - 10/20/05
(recorded 10/20/05 @ 9:54:39 PM)
I watched you from the shore,
And the tears pilled up into oceans,
Then your smile parted my drowning sea,
Making me forget time, space, brooks and streams,
So there we were riding upon store bought romances,
Kissing gently the tender lips of our hearts ,
And Laughing with such delight,
Your eyes just sparkled,
And we were just stars reflecting off the water in the night.

The stars shot out across your eyes,
Crying sonnets and hearts,
Dreams and prose
that Time had lost,
In the midnight blackness,
I saw you clearly,
Softly into memory,
My gloved hands reach out to yours,
And the cold embrace that followed,
I missed you as I loved you,
Gently in golden fields of summer sand.
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