Scrambled egg morning...
by disillusioned
(599 views) - 10/26/05
(recorded 10/26/05 @ 6:56:05 AM)
Today, (or rather, yesterday) I had to bring Cammie in for her regular 90,000 mile maintenance. This ended up costing me roughly $380, and required me to take the car in at 7 am. Not fun, really. Anyway, they said everything looks just fine, minus some dirty oil which they promptly and completely changed. Good things to hear, really.

When I got back, I thought I'd make myself some real breakfast, since I usually just nosh on Honey Bunches of Oats. And so I made myself a nice, "balanced" breakfast.

Below is my "recipe" for scrambled eggs, served with English muffins. It differs from how I normally go about making them, but they proved to be just the right texture, and I thought I'd write it down for you all to see.

Stove/cooking surface
Crisco/Pam (non-stick spray)

2 fresh eggs
1 tbsp. butter (not margarine)
1 slice American cheese
Salt & pepper
2 tbsp. milk
1 English Muffin (is the "m" capitalized?)
Jelly/jam/preserves of your choosing... (Guess what I chose, looking at the picture below.)
Oh, and now it's okay for margarine...

Spray skillet lightly with non-stick spray. Ironically, the spray will cling to the skillet. (Hah. Hah. Shut up.)
Put skillet on stove, turn burner onto high.
Crack eggs into skillet. Alternatively, crack eggs into bowl, spend twenty minutes fishing out the shells, determine they're not that bad for you, really, and pour into skillet.
Immediately move eggs around with spatula, as pan will be hot and may burn eggs.
Add butter to pan, mix in with eggs.
Turn burner to medium/medium-high after about 15 seconds of egg-mixing.
Place English Muffin into toaster, set to desired toastability.
Blend eggs further, add milk.
Tear up slice of cheese and add to eggs while continuing to spatula them.
Salt & pepper to taste.
After eggs have hardened somewhat and no longer have the gooey, translucent quality, remove from heat.
In one daring motion, sweep the eggs off their feet and onto your plate.
Apply margarine and jam (in that order) to your muffin, also put on your plate.

Pour yourself a nice glass of orange juice, and,
Enjoy the wonderful breakfast you just made yourself.

Post a picture here of your results. (Email me if you need space. :-)

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It looks like one of those shots of an underground venezuelan operating rooms where there's a table and a man's *dissected testicles lying there.... gross.

nice job. there goes my appetite. Hehe, but hey, whatever floats your boat. It could just be that I'm not an egg man.

*feel free to insert ovaries, kidneys or any other body part that fits your fancy

~Cut and print~
   [noprotein (J:: M) 10/27/05 5:04 AM]

You and I have this great knack for saying things that we think are funny but make other people angry at our existence.

The difference between us is:

I piss off people I don't care about, and you piss off your friends.

Enjoy your breakfast ♥

   [enlite (J:: M) 10/27/05 7:22 PM]

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