My feet didn't used to touch the ground...1
by naked
(532 views) - 11/9/05
(recorded 11/9/05 @ 4:15:37 PM)
With the sound of the airplane above my head, the birds chirping and the feeling of this cool October day, it undeniably reminds me of my childhood. I think feelings, sounds and smells remind me most of, well anything but mostly just missed memories. I can look at ap icture my mother took of me as a child, rolling down a grassy hill at the nearby park and remember that once, i used to do that. But when a day comes along with the perfect temperature, weather and sounds, i remember exactly what it felt like to roll down those hills, getting dizzy and itchy all the way down. It is the personal things that we recall the most. When i feel like my childhood is starting to disappear, life knows exactly when to have a day like this, one that helps me to remember everything. When the weather changes and the long awaited October appears i know where i am, in a spiritual kind of way. Its kind of like how becauses of one specific Valentines Day i experienced in elementary school, i will awlays have high expectations on February 14th.
The day wasn't anything too out of the ordinary, except that the lesson plans for the day were tossed aside and we handed out little Barbie and Ninja Turtle Valetine cards. To my fellow peers and me, it was an amazing day that we looked forward to every year; there was no way we were faking sick on such a occasion. Even now, i can't figure out why my professors won't indulge themselves and their students by taking a break from routine note taking and sharing some love, even if the love is in candy form. Naturally, by the end of the day, the majority of us were sick; we owed it all to the candy hearts. But there was another perk, the weather was wet and rainy, my first choice.
I took my usual bus ride home with all of the neighbor kids i grew up with and just as we stopped at our designated area, we looked across the street; incidentally there was smoke billowing up into the sky. Once we had all hurridly filed off of the bus and after a few of the older, obviously more brave boys came back from examining the scene, we cam to find out that an old beat up van had caught fire. That very incident was the talk of teh neighborhood, or maybe it was just between my friends and I. Nevertheless, as i walked the length from the scene to my home, i enjoyed every minute of it. Ever since i can remember, i awlays lived for rainy days. But the excitment of the day hadn't ended across the street with the burning van, my dad had taken off from work, a very rare occasion. when i was little i never could get enough of our daddy-daughter time it seemed; therefore today was a very special day. When i walked through the front door, i came home to find my dad installing a new microwave and my mom starring out the the back window, obviously admiring the black smoke near our house. My mother had come to the conclusion that, while attempting to be a handy man, my father must have short circuted something, causing the then, growing fire. I was happy to announce that for once i knew something my parents didn't and my dad was off the hook. Whether it be fortunately or not, he couldn't claim that fire. The memory may not mean much to anyone else, but every February 14th, life hands me an overcast day, just the way i like them.
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