Water-Faerie Bubble Gum
by bondservant
(862 views) - 12/11/05
(recorded 12/11/05 @ 12:56:19 PM)
I stepped into a conundrum—
a piece of bubble gum
on the sidewalk stuck to the bumpy tread of my shoe.
I don’t mean the bubble gum from trick-or-dressed-up-scary
wandering—I mean something far sweeter:
(the kind I wish I were chewing)
Ambrosia at warm-summer twilight, listening
to the hum-singing crickets forecast the weather
—calm and beautiful. The restless swinging light of water at night
reflecting on swimsuited bodies, playing unpredictable
but you always know what’s coming—water kisses
smeared all over our faces
after twilight has given way to starlight—
the miniature gods singing all night to keep us company,
asking us to join them in their melodic reveries.
And doubtless we do, singing to each other, loud enough
for the humsingers to catch the melody
and accompany our symphony of quiet sighs and spry glances.
Smack-smack goes the gum, our mouths watering in delight
but now the evening of crystalline sugar
sparkle-flirting with the moon
is attached to my shoe—and I want it off and in my mouth,
so I can revive what’s left of the flavor.
I know, I know, I know it’s impossible,
but so was that loud-sung night
we spent sparkling as water-faeries.
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