Talk About Forever.
by depressional poet
(797 views) - 12/22/05
(recorded 12/22/05 @ 8:25:09 AM)
So it has been a while. When I say a while, I literally mean it. I am half way done with my junior year. I've had two different jobs since the last time I wrote. I decorated my car and got my class ring. I haven't had anything too important happen, other than Christmas being here in like 4 days.
I've been busy being part of the crowd lately with myspace. I really don't care anymore about if it's popular or whatever. I'm on there just to talk to people I wouldn't talk to otherwise. Well, my hair has been changed many multiple times, when is it not? Now, it's blonde. On payday, it will be bleach white blonde with black streaks, hott huh? Haha. Right. Anyways, I will also be getting another tattoo this payday, that'll be entertaining. I'm pretty excited though.
Well, it seems like OIO has been pretty dead. That saddens my poor little heart. But, I have two more finals to attend to, so I'll be around..probably in another 3-4 months.

Heart Anya.
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