Show us a little something, 2005. The year in review...
by disillusioned
(503 views) - 1/3/06
(recorded 1/3/06 @ 5:25:46 AM)
I wonder sometimes why I don't write more. I don't really have an excuse, it seems. True, I'm not as angsty as I've been. But another truth is that I've never been one to only write when distraught, right?

I write about once every ten days, now. I wish I wrote more, but the only thing coming in between me and that wish is myself. Not a resolution. Not even a silly commitment. Just resolve. Just doing it.

Christmas has come and gone. I truly enjoy the holiday season, and spent a lot of the last two months rather marveling about the cyclical nature of everything. We've built an entire culture around a single day. It's multi-faceted and staggeringly versatile considering its true roots, and it represents a shift in the general consciousness—it's why Winter is my favorite season.

There is so much I feel I should be writing, but I can't find the structure to base it on. Sometimes, I'll just ramble and see what sticks, and it usually ends up being at least readable, if not particularly captivating in some way. Today is not one of those days.

Luke, my brother and I went to the Science Center on New Year's Day. It was a great deal of fun. And I have pictures. They'll be up a bit later.

I'm off to Vegas on Wednesday for CES—the Consumer Electronics Show. Basically, the biggest tech/gadgets convention on earth, it's where every major company (and thousands of minor ones) launch their new goodies, demo things for us and tell us what will be happening in technology in the next few years. I'm excited, but I'm sure you'll hear plenty about that later this week.

This year has really been amazing.
  • In January, there was San Francisco and then Studio City, California. (With a drunken hotel night thrown in there somewhere.)
  • February brought on a few incredibly fun parties and some other great times, but nothing of note in my (public) journal.
  • March was the high point for my Gizmodo stint, at one point completely running the show for almost an entire week. (A much bigger undertaking than it might sound, I assure you.)
  • In April, I made my first trip overseas to Taiwan. It was absolutely incredible, and if the travelling bug hadn't already bit me, it was enough to let me know I want to see as much as I can soak in, as quickly as possible. To say that I don't mind thinking of any work I do as a means to generate money to go see more of the world about sums it up.
  • May was my banner... month for travel, really. I visited Michigan, Los Angeles (for E3) and St. Louis. (HINT: Click the damn cities for the entries about those trips. Kthx.)
  • June, wonderful June mated me with my new love, Cammie. She's still purring and happy as ever, and I love her very much.
  • July was a month of pnuemonia and turning 20. I'm quite behind my friends on the curve, there, really...
  • August was itself no spectacular wonder, but when is August ever? It was just the lull before the amazing tidal wave of awesome (yes, I just used that phrase) that was to be...
  • ...September. September brought with it the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay in Trump Tower in New York. And it was really about as incredible as it sounds. (Click the link for some amazing pics for the view from 62 stories.)
  • October and November really just blended together for me. Notable exceptions, of course, included Thanksgiving. Tasty Thanksgiving.
  • December started some real nice new things, and was really quite enjoyable as well. Just click the previous entry link a few times to see what I mean.

I know I'm blessed/lucky/whatever to have such a great year on the books. Thanks to all my amazing friends out there who played a role in it. Some of you have likely little idea how much you really mean. But most of you probably have just the right idea.

Here's a little secret... I have a good feeling about 2006...
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