Of warrants, Vegas and redheads (though not in the same weekend...)
by disillusioned
(529 views) - 1/22/06
(recorded 1/22/06 @ 10:04:37 AM)
Phrases you don't want to hear, part II:
"You're in warrant status, sir. A warrant could be issued for your arrest at any time."


Turns out that when I wrote down my pre-trial conference as the 14th, I actually meant the 11th.

Anyway, I got that straightened out, and it only took three hours in the Gilbert court to speak to a judge for all of 3 minutes and set a new date. Charming.

Things have been busy and full of fun. I'm spending a bunch of time with a cute redhead I met, and she seems to be enjoying me quite crazily as well. Fancy that. In case I haven't said it anywhere on this site, so as to contribute to karma, redheads++. It's true.

Vegas was an absolute blast that I keep meaning to tell you all about, but there are a lot of pictures to sort through and craziness to recall. It was an absolutely great time, though. I got to meet some amazing people, eat some incredible food, and see some breathtaking testaments to human one-upmanship. The Bellagio's Fountains quickly ranked as one of the top five most beautiful things I've ever seen, and the chance to tour through many of the hotels was great, as well.

I got to see Larry Page (co-founder of Google) give a keynote speech with special guest Robin Williams. At the end of the speech was a question and answer session, and while I tried desperately to ask a question, they ran out of time. A french journalist made it, however, which quickly launched Robin into outright mockery of the French people to this man's face. It was brilliant and hilarious. I was about 7 rows back, so you really can't beat that.

Anyway, in a quick list of awesome, here were the highlights, until I get around to writing a better entry:
  • This trip got me a rapid rewards roundtrip ticket to anywhere Southwest flies.
  • Porn stars in the airport at Vegas. Seriously
  • Bellagio Fountains, again
  • The bed of doom
  • Chocolate fountains
  • Feeling like you're walking in Paris
  • Monorail!
  • 3.2 million square feet of gadgets. And then some.
  • Meeting and conversing with people worth several million dollars.
  • Unlimited prime rib and creme brulee, in the Wynn Grand Ballroom
  • Gellato, from a stand inside the venetian, that tasted fantastic
  • Windows Vista. Because I'm a huge nerd
  • Hypnosis Gone Wild. Hilarity ensues

  • And a ton of other things. Seriously, pics, etc, to follow.
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Oh dear, creme brulee.....


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