The most provocative music video I've seen in a *long* time...
by disillusioned
(1121 views) - 4/27/06
(recorded 4/27/06 @ 6:17:21 AM)
This is actually more like Utter Sarcasm material, but I wanted to expand on my thoughts of this video a bit more, and the current US doesn't let you do "read more" entries. Because someone is lazy/busy. And that someone is me.

The following is a music video by a band called Supercar and their song "Be." They are quite obviously Japanese:
(Note: there is one second of slightly NSFW content. You will survive. It's well worth it, and it's really nothing terrible.)

Translation of the text, for your better understanding, though it's pretty self-explanatory if you pay attention:

Father that I owe so much to
Mother that I owe so much to
Sister that I owe so much to
Friend's friend
Friend's friend's friend
Boss at work
High-school principal
Local convienient store clerk
Cafeteria lady
Ikitsuki faily restaurant's waitress
Nurse from hospital
First love
The taxi driver from yesterday
That foreign guy that asked me directions
The girl I did once
THe guy that did me once
That couple I see frequently
J Leager
Pet turtle
Alien I owe so much to
Porn star I owe so much to
That J-Leager from the Mariners
**'I owe so much to' is not really a direct translation, but there really isn't an equivalent I can think of in english. Also, I might be wrong in translation here and there - my kanji aint as good as it should be. —YouTube translator comment guy.

I absolutely love how this video is done. I love how each character doesn't even react until it's their own turn (exception being the mother at the beginning) and I love that the entire video feels like it's in its own world, where something like this could happen, there would be no recourse, and it'd be just exactly how it is. To say nothing about how "thrilled" the protagonist is that "J Leager" helped him out with his wife, subtitles of:
Doesn't do a goddamn thing.
Like she's an idiot.
Piece of shit."
during her flashback.

I think the video just... works. The gunman's expression, and the soon-to-be-victim's complete forfeiture of experience. They know there's nothing to be done. This is how it is. It evinces thoughts of "The Lottery", on a larger scale, and without the revolt at the end. Presumably, this man is a soccer player, and yet such a simple task, he fails at. He can't possibly desire for *all* of the victims to die, but it's obvious he hates his boss and doesn't at all mind.

I just love how he walks calmly up to the bin of soccer balls, feet away from the gunman, and grabs ball after ball, for it's all he can do.

Mm. Awesome.

What do you think?
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Hmm i think we're delving into Pseudo-film-nazi with this in depth review of what is meant to be an obviously light hearted music video but what the hll i'll bite ;) You know... for the children.

It was funny. Sometimes, well often, Japanese humor is so OUT THERE. Like way out. Like tell the shuttle pilot to make a pitstop because we need more gas in space style. But this was subtle and good. I couldn't really hear the singing over the guitar, however it sounded like a decent song. Versus J-Pop for example.

It's your classic, thank god there's still creativity left on this planet, low budget, "indie" film/music video. Me love it long time, or wait that's Vietnamese... Yeah whatever, them slanty eyed folk are all the same.

I give it a 7/10 on the foreign music video meter.
Definate nana out of juu

~Cut and print~
   [noprotein (J:: M) 4/30/06 4:54 PM]

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