So dark the con of man.
by naked
(803 views) - 6/2/06
(recorded 6/2/06 @ 11:50:39 AM)
Its late and i had a cherry coke not too long ago. I'll be up for a few more hours. There is nothing on tv. Right now i'm watching the canadian tv station.. its either that or my sweet 16 on mtv. Yeah... exactly.
OOOh except the movie TOMMY is on! click. My dad convinced my brother and i to sit and watch it with him a week or two ago. Are you kidding me? thats all i could say. Everyone had to have been cracked up. thats the only explanation i'll except.

so school's out and i actually survived. I ended up dropping 3 of my 5 classes.. so getting through it by the end wasn't so difficult.
Next year is full of history and religion, really early in the morning. But for now i'm soakin up the summer.

I got knocked up, which is so like me.. according to everyone who hates me and probably anyone who knows me. My due date is November 29th, so i'm not too far along, a little over 3 months. But let me inform all women of the world: SEX IS BAD! pregnancy isn't all its cracked up to be. although i don't know how many people walk around saying morning sickness is amazing and not fitting into clothes is a Godsend. Blah blah blah.

my favorite movie as of now is the davinci code.
Oh and i think everyone should take it seriously and truly consider how right it is. what have we all been investing our time in? Its all about the BLOOD LINE!

oh and the family may be moving to oklahoma. yeah cute huh? i've always had an urge to be a hick.

P.S. i love my freckles. thank you sun.
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