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by disillusioned
(782 views) - 7/5/06
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So some have noted, quietly, to themselves, that it's been a while since I've written on the grey.

It's true. But I still like you all, just the same.

Things have been busy. If I could remember any of it, I'd be telling you right now all about it.

Work, trips to Strawberry, good times with Tim, Lindsay and the girl, good baseball games, good times with old friends I haven't seen in a while, anticipation for all my forthcoming travel, while looking for as many excuses to travel even more as possible...

I'm looking at ways to develop what equity I've built out of Loves Threadless into an actual audience for my own blog. But, you know, it'd help to develop my own blog.

I think I'd like to build up Utter Sarcasm, perhaps from scratch again. I'd like to keep the two-column design, but I want to integrate my content across all the platforms I write to. Which has to do with another idea I've been kicking around lately that I'd love to develop... Now to actually getting around to it...

I'm having trouble bouncing my free time towards personal projects. I've been hanging out with close friends and the girl, and that definitely does something to my availability. In addition, work may very well be transitioning into full- (or half-time), and that'll be all sorts of interesting. Now, to balance the inherent greed of the extra money brought in by doing the work myself with the interest of the company and developing Synapse into something crazy. So many different facets and elements are in play here, it's a bit mind-boggling. I'm in a bit of a limbo, but I think things are going to accelerate rapidly soon.

I'm tired, and yesterday was ridiculously busy, but here are the things that have been on my mind lately, rapid-fire style:
  • The Space Shuttle
  • The World Cup Italy-Germany Game
  • My August trip to Vegas
  • My 21st birthday, approaching at breakneck speed. (You've all been warned.)
  • Drunken Catch Phrase, and the subsequent game nights we'll hopefully see from it.
  • Times at the cottage, including late-night, dark walks with the girl and being near-attacked by horses and, perhaps... llamas?
  • Several, and far too many good meals. And now, a need to begin exercising or some such. Or just getting fat, unabashedly.
  • Perhaps, a haircut.
  • Limetab?
  • Sufjan Steven's The Avalanche, before its release.
  • Oakenfold? In concert? Oh, that's going to mess up my Friday plans with Nate/Danielle/Girl. Ooh. Need to see what's up with that, after all.
  • Much excitement for the forthcoming cruise to the Bahamas in October. Even though it's in October. And that's forever from now.
  • Michigan? Because that means seeing my pleasant cousins. And more importantly, (lets be sincere, here) White Castle.
  • Drinking German crazy liquor on the deck, where the slightest sip warms you up. And kicks you in the face with a whiff of acetone or some such.
  • Being perhaps more creative than I have been, because, why the hell not?
  • Ooh, Fridays at the Ballpark, and what times we will have.
  • That this unordered list had better not screw up, kay?
  • More racquetball would likely require purchasing another racquet, because Tony stole/perpetually borrowed mine, and mine's a bit broke, anyway.
  • How much more comfortable my own bed is...
  • Oh, how much fun it'd be to... jam again. And how much help my drum set needs. Perhaps, I could get by with just a new snare... Or by stealing Nate's...
  • That things are going very well, and thus, I'm happy. Because they're only going up from here.
  • And that now, I'm off to sleep. But I'll post more, later.
Kudos if you made it this far. But you probably didn't.
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'Dear Mr. Supercomputer' totally made my summer.

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