by disillusioned
(750 views) - 10/13/06
(recorded 10/13/06 @ 12:52:39 PM)
[12:30 PM] Chris: so i'm sitting on an airplane
[12:30 PM] Chris: waiting to push off from the tarmac
[12:30 PM] Chris: to go to orlando
[12:30 PM] Chris: my dad calls
[12:30 PM] Chris: "get off the plane"
[12:30 PM] Chris: me: *fuck*
[12:31 PM] Chris: flag stewardess, she gets the jetway pushed back up
[12:31 PM] Chris: opens the door
[12:31 PM] Chris: lets me off
[12:31 PM] Chris: cruise cancelled
[12:31 PM] Chris: hour later, somewhat as expected, grandpa dies
[12:31 PM] Chris: am now heading to detroit
[12:31 PM] Chris: all by way of saying i'm having a very shitty weekend
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Wow. . .I can actually remember you saying that as I realized I stepped on my music collection.

   [alexander (J) 10/18/06 12:22 AM]

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