Wondering What She'd Say
by Savvy2
(738 views) - 4/3/07
(recorded 4/3/07 @ 12:32:17 AM)
remember the days of praying for a broken heart
Cuz the one I had seemed so without substance
I didn't know then that being a nice guy was less than who i was
The laws of attraction and the yielding passion would come more from what I'd experienced than from what I thought I was missing
My first thoughts of love could only come from someone I saw myself above
The first lies I'd tell were meant to help someone else
The things I didn't hide wouldn't sound so damn contrived if I gave in to who I was
What I've gotten from wanting a sad song
As if only then would I have a song at all
I want the girl to know I tried before she finds out I'm not looking for anything anymore

Now I sit in my smug stance
hoping and praying for a good, instant lay
I just bench pressed the world in my mind
And I could tell her about it if my fear would subside

No motive to manipulate but sitting before her altar like all the others
I know what she wants and it's not in me to forget it with every guileless word I say

Starting out I wonder what she'd say
The hope in giving me her other cheek
Time for another attempt before she walks away

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