Rotten Teeth and Bitter Beer Soaked Dreams
by Savvy2
(780 views) - 4/3/07
(recorded 4/3/07 @ 12:34:55 AM)
2006-12-19 - 4:05 a.m.

Get out there on the move
When you think
You're the one who is being true
You're not out there on the move

Sipping quickly on the drinks you choose
Savor the flavor
All you want is booze
And some sounds from your father
They sound like he approves

It's okay that you're drinking
And sucking your life from a Winston Light
I am slowly
I am trying to break your heart
I did not mean it
But it is meant from the start

In dire need of a night from deft ones
and the solar sounds of forgetting cassettes
Dreaming of loving your loss of love
She who won't come calling like the one you can't live with

In dire need of spacey feelings
and solar sounds deafening tones
Chino's voice grabs holds
and tapes make it okay bought and sold

A hole in the earth and teeth can't hold the girl anyway
I sold I saw what I bought wither away
I sold I saw what I bought wither away

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