Plea From A Cat Named Love
by Savvy2
(823 views) - 4/3/07
(recorded 4/3/07 @ 12:35:49 AM)
2006-11-15 - 3:30 a.m.

My kitty fights for my attention
He expresses how badly he wishes he was five foot six so he could hug me
His rank breath wafts but i don't mention it

I love his writhing jaws on my hoodie-strings
I love his rear claws clamping through my jeans
I love his selfish nudging of my keyboard-fixed hands
As i move across the room I have no mind to mind his fangs ferociously fighting my calves

It's salve to the souls
We both know are growing old
He bites like time
He fights like he's out of his mind

Props himself agains the wall next to my feet
Watches our shadows crawl and wonders what they mean
He can't hear Martsche's high whining growl
So he makes his own angry sound

Legs spread he admits his defeat
The closest thing he has to upright won't make our faces meet
He falls to his haunches
To his own cream carpeted version of the street

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