by Wildfire
(531 views) - 9/4/07
(recorded 9/4/07 @ 11:01:02 PM)
While 21 may feel as if it were lightyears ago to some of you older, wiser ones, it is still looming on the horizon for me.

Sunday the 9th I will be 21. As always, that day will not feel any different than any other day. That's okay. The big difference is that now I'll be able to get into the music shows I actually want to get into and I'll be able to bet on racehorses. That's really what I'm looking forward to.

Teri and I went to Phoenix today to celebrate my birthday with my parents, since my dad will be in Vegas next week and this month is really insane as far as roller derby goes. Game this Saturday, game next Saturday, tournament on the 28th-30th.

My dad found two photos that were taken by a professional photographer at a gymkhana in 2003 of me and Rocky and put them in frames. I've been looking for those for years and I'm absolutely astounded that he found them. I was convinced they were lost forever.

My mom also spent the last few months compiling photos of my entire life to put into a gigantic photo album/scrapbook. It's amazing. I can't get over it, we spent a really long time today thumbing through the book of photographic evidence of my life. It's so strange to relive it all. Almost as if it's someone else, in another life and another time because it sure doesn't feel as if that person and those memories belong to me. Everything has changed so much.

I wonder what will change in the next 21 years.
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21 years scares me too much.

I'm still on three years up or down.

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 9/5/07 12:07 AM]

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