Insurance Sucks
by noprotein
(880 views) - 9/25/07
(recorded 9/25/07 @ 5:38:15 AM)
Why is it since I don't have it now, that my tooth is killing me? Where were they for the last 21 years? I know we all get sick or have the occasional accident/dental work etc, but I never had anything serious. I had my first crown in last year after the arizona hamburger incident... and now I'm finding out it either wasn't done well or it's normal for your face to kill you after.

Regardless, it sucks and I'm going to have to find one from outside the workforce for now. Multiple part time jobs leave you hanging >.< Oh well, here's hoping the new one sticks and I get it there.


(EDIT) Five Iron Frenzy - Kamikaze popped on winamp and that kicks ass. Now I can go to work ready to go!
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Oh. My. God. FIF? Sigh.

Also, Wrigley disagrees with you.

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 9/26/07 2:08 AM]

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