Thoughts in a stream
by Wildfire
(627 views) - 10/12/07
(recorded 10/12/07 @ 8:06:29 PM)
Do I really feel like writing right now? My fingers led me to this page so maybe my hands need something to do but my mind's not really into it.

We've been living in a new house since... fuck, July. And we still don't have internet access. Apparently Cox doesn't service our address. How weird is that? I guess it's not that horrific, considering that we don't really have the money to pay for internet anyway.

I'm bored with my life. Gotta find something new, change something so I enjoy it more. I'd enjoy it more if I weren't constantly worried about being able to pay this bill and that bill and rent and blah blah blah. I suppose that means I should get another income that allows me a slightly larger monetary freedom. More jobs = less time doing things I like... But only until February. In February I'll leave the job I'm at and find a higher paying, regular hours job. Then I can go back to school part time so we can keep stressing about money.

Teri's so stressed about money that she's considering taking a salaried position at her current place of employment instead of going after a job in the field she got her Bachelor's in. I'm afraid she'll be stuck there forever and be unhappy in a job she always said was going to be temporary. Just to get her out of school. Just to get her through until she got a REAL job. She's no closer to a real job now than she was when she graduated last May.

And here I am, considering working all kinds of places I would never have worked at before, just for an extra couple hundred bucks a month.

Hey, at least I can donate plasma for cash, right?

I didn't even notice when everything used to be so much simpler.
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Why February?

Yes, but WHY the rum?
   [Starcrossed (J) 10/21/07 9:59 AM]

Because in February my vet is leaving the practice and I no longer have to stay with them either. Then (hopefully) I'll find a higher paying job.

   [Wildfire (J:: M) 11/2/07 7:38 PM]

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