"I don't wanna fill out my 'I'm sorry your animal's dead' cards."
by Wildfire
(1001 views) - 11/12/07
(recorded 11/12/07 @ 7:06:52 PM)
That's what my vet just said. We're sitting in the doctor's office here at the clinic, all by ourselves and with all our work finished. Minus the sympathy cards, that is. We're surfing the net, yo. Checking email, going on the ever-present myspace, etc. I'm still on the clock. I'm okay with it.

My good friend Kate is living in Kenya right now as a part of the Deaf Ed program with the Peace Corps. She's unhappy because the other PC trainees are excluding her and she says it's just like elementary school all over again. Or junior high. Or high school. Don't you think that we as a society have evolved past these petty issues? I guess I had hoped that maybe the people she was traveling to Africa with would get over their differences and try to get to know the people they were going to be spending the next two years of their lives with but apparently I'm wrong.

I wish I had enough money to buy plane tickets and travel to see her. My heart knows that won't be the answer to her problem though. Seeing her friends from back home isn't the way to fix people in Africa excluding her. It'll probably give them more ammunition, actually.

Me and Berto and Catherine (my vet) and Teri watched the new Michael Moore documentary SiCKO last night. It's just disturbing what our country's healthcare has come to. The only thing you can really do is hope you don't fall too ill or have any problems. It's just scary.

The hospital is so quiet this time of night. A gentle melody floats out of boarding, they keep music on for the dogs all night. That's about all the noise there is though. Me typing, Catherine typing.

I'm bored and it's not from a lack of things to do. I'm doing things right now. I just can't get out what I'm feeling sufficiently enough to communicate it. It won't take the form of sentences. My brain is frustrated and telling me to give it up and move on to something else. Like going home and having dinner and going to the gym.

Maybe it's time I listen.
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