by delphian
(866 views) - 1/23/08
(recorded 1/23/08 @ 5:09:45 AM)
well, it's 4:45am and I still haven't slept, so what is there to do? why blog of course!
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I'm not so sure as to why I can't sleep tonight, I guess I have a lot on my mind really. Lot of decisions that I've come to make, ideas that float around like wispy clouds on a summers day. Nothing real concrete. I'm not sure of what to make of myself. I recently had a debate with a friend regarding if you believe in fate or coincidence. That's a tough one to ask and to answer. Personally I am a coincidence fan purely because your future is what you make it, I can't stand the idea of having my future already planned out in front of me, and I'm just waiting to stumble upon it. However if you believe in fate then it gives you hope that fate will somehow intervene, and the stars will align and life will be the way it should be.

Hope is a powerful emotion. Hope can drive a man crazy, hoping that someday he will get what he wants. Just hoping that he will get the right questions asked, hoping for the right situation. However hope can get you so far. this is all I have to say.

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hoping that coincidence works
yours always
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